Rainbow Tse
Born in Hong Kong, Rainbow Tse is a local artist who specializes in watercolors and oil, painting cityscapes and landscapes. She believes that many places and feelings are worthy of a story to tell, her artworks based on this concept, are developed into a unique style known for presenting lights, shadows, and colours. Expressing certain moods and atmospheres, she hopes to bring these stories to life and for the audience to experience the scene and evoke memories of their own to relate.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 November: “Pause for a Second” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Rainze Gallery Hong Kong
2015 August: “A Walk at Night” Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Voxfire Gallery Agency Hong Kong
2015 April: “Journey to Places” Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Gallery by the Harbour, Harbour City Hong Kong
2014 November: “Moments” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Wan Fung Art Gallery Hong Kong
2014 October: “Moments” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Center (1st Stop)

Group Exhibitions

2016 October -December: UOB Art Space: Telling Stories: Of Times and Spaces
2016 October: International Watercolor Society China Exhibition (Shanghai, China)
2016 October: 1st International Watercolor Young Masters Invitational Exhibition (Handan, China)
2016 October: Love United International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong
2016 October: Watercolor International III Thessaloniki 2016 (Greece)
2016 September: Watercolor Continent from East to West (St. Petersburg)
2016 April: Watercolor Fabriano 2016 (Fabriano, Italy)
2016 March: Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)
2015 December: 1st International Watercolour Society of Hong Kong Exhibition
2015 December: 1st International Watercolour Society of India Exhibition
2015 September: “Lover Earth – Watercolour Exhbition” International Watercolour Society Indonesia
2015 September/November: 36th Annual International Juried Exhibition, Pennsylvania Watercolour Society
2015 August: “Castra 2015” International Watercolour Society Slovenia
2015 May: LWS 45th International Exhibition, Louisiana Watercolor Society
2015 May: The World Watercolor Triennale 2015, Group Exhibition, Seoul Korea
2015 May: Watercolor Mail Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Greece
2015 May: The 7th Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-yang Award, Taiwan
2015 April: Hong Kong Watercolour Society Annual Member Show, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2015 March:  Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Conrad Hong Kong
2015 February: Modern Landscape Watercolour Exhibition, Wan Fung Art Gallery Showroom Hong Kong
2014 CSPWC The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour Juried Exhibition, Toronto Canada
2014 Closer: A Miniature Art Show, PubArt Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 International Students Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2014 Young Emerging Artist Group Exhibition, ArtTube, Central.



2015 Merit / Louisiana Watercolor Society
2014 Honorable Mention/ International Students’ Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition
2014 Winner / Hong Kong Young Emerging Artists Competition (Organized by HKAC)
2013 Winner / Art Bus on the Move (Organized by Hong Kong Education Department)
2013 Merit / Youth and Children Illustrated Story Book Competition 2013
2012 Art Ambassador / 4th Arts Ambassador awarded by the Hong Kong Arts Development
2012 Merit Prize / 2012 Xu Bei Hong Arts Cup Competition for Young Adults and Children
(Hong Kong) (Organized by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)
2011 Overall Winner, named Artist of the Sea / “ My Ocean” Drawing Competition (Organised
by Ocean Geographic)
2011 First Prize / Global Village 2011-2012 Drawing Competition (Organised by International Culture Exchange Hong Kong)
2010 Winner & Second Prize (2 entries submitted) / Asia Pacific Drawing Competition


Press and Publications

2016 The Artist’s Magazine, January/February 2016 Issue
2015 中國當代水彩畫精品集, 第一號
2015 Hong Kong Economic Journal, August 4 2015 Feature
2015 HK Magazine, March 2015 Feature
2015 Rainbow Tse Watercolour Collection
2014 Localiiz Hong Kong, Interview
2014 Southwest Art Magazine, December 2014 Issue Feature
2014 SCMP, “Moments” Exhibition Interview
2014 ARThongkong.net, “Closer” Exhibition interview